Antique Georgian Intaglio Fob Carnelian Seal 18ct Gold Circa 1820

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An exquisite antique Georgian intaglio fob from the early 19th Century set with a wonderful, carnelian seal with a hand carved profile of a gentleman in the centre.

Fobs were usually worn as a decorative accessory to go along with a pocket watch. The seal was used to stamp a person's signature or a sentimental message or image in sealing wax on important documents. 

The seal is mounted in a domed 18ct gold mount with a grooved back and band. It’s a beautiful piece of Georgian history and has a large loop so it can be held on a thick guard chain as it would have been back in the day.  

WEIGHT: 11 grams 

MEASURES: Fob Height 31mm x Width 25mm - Face Height 24.5mm x Width 18mm x Depth 8mm 

METAL: 18ct gold (Tested) 

STONES: Carnelian (15mm x 21mm)

AGE: Georgian. (Circa 1820)

CONDITION: Excellent