Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet Dropper Necklace

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An exquisite antique Victorian bohemian garnet dropper necklace from the late 19th Century. The links have a wonderful floral design and lead to five, pointed droppers that increase in size toward the largest in the centre. 

Bohemian garnet jewellery is desired for its abundance of rose cut garnets, also known as pyrope crystals. They were originally sourced in the region of Bohemia, which later became the Czech Republic and were highly sought after across Europe in the late 19th Century with their crimson red flame associated with passion and enduring love.

They’re fashioned in a gold composite, known as “Garnet Gold” and decorated with deep red bohemian garnets. It’s remained in excellent condition and is held securely by a box clasp and safety chain at the end. 

Weighs: 51.5 grams

Measures: 17.5 inches in length – Centre drop 70mm down

Age: Victorian. (Circa 1880 – 1900)

Condition: Excellent