Antique Victorian Cherub Brooch Silver Gilt

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An exquisite antique cherub brooch dating from the mid Victorian era (Circa 1860). The piece is crafted in bronze, gilded in silver and depicts two curly haired cherubs with wings stretched out at each side of their face.

Cherubs are a type of angel, popularly depicted as a young child or baby with wings. They’ve been portrayed in paintings, sculptures, and jewellery pieces throughout history and represent innocence, love, and faith.

The brooch displays wonderful high-relief workmanship and detailed engraving across each feathered wing. It’s highly collectable and a true antique treasure.

WEIGHT: 16.7 grams

MEASURES: Height 35mm x Width 49mm x Depth 10mm

METAL: Bronze/ Silver Gilt (Tested)

AGE: Victorian. (Circa 1860)