Antique Victorian Coral Cameo Brooch Whitby Jet Frame Circa 1860

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An exquisite antique Victorian brooch from the mid 19th century featuring a wonderful angel skin coral cameo in the centre depicting the side profile of a lady with grapes and vine leaves woven into her hair. 

Angel skin is a unique form of coral desired for its rarity and pale pink colouring. It was often used as a base for cameos which were highly sought after in the 19th century during the 'Grand Tour' days when tourists developed a fascination with destinations such as Rome. They often depicted Goddesses and characters from mythology and became a favourite of Queen Victoria also.

The cameo sits in an ornate Whitby jet frame with a base metal pin on the reverse.  It’s a fabulous piece of history and displays remarkable detailing and high relief workmanship, hand carved by a true artist.   

WEIGHT: 27.9 grams 

MEASURES: Height 49mm x Width 43mm x Depth 13mm – Cameo Width 26mm x Height 33mm 

METAL: Base metal 

STONES: Angel Skin Coral 

AGE: Victorian. (Circa 1860) 

CONDITION: Some minor wear to the frame but otherwise in excellent condition