Antique Victorian Etruscan Paste Brooch Dated 1871

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An exquisite antique Victorian Etruscan revival brooch from the late 19th Century adorned with pink and green paste stones on top with a pearl dropper and two garland chains hanging from the bottom. 

The brooch is crafted in pinchbeck with high-relief leaves and golden spheres decorating the gallery. It’s remained in excellent condition and is complete with a kite hallmark on the back which dates it precisely to the 22nd September 1871.

WEIGHT: 19.1 grams

MEASURES: Height 32mm (74mm inc. chains) x Width 37mm x Depth 12mm

METAL: Pinchbeck 

STONES: Paste, Pearl 

AGE: Victorian. (Dated 22nd September 1871) 

MARKS: Kite hallmark 

CONDITION: Excellent