Antique Victorian Paste Pearl Insect Brooch Silver 18ct Gold Circa 1900

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This lovely Antique Victorian insect brooch comprises of two rich green Paste Stones that resemble large Peridots along with red Paste eyes and Pearl studded wings. 

Insect jewellery became popular at the turn of the 20th Century due to a renewed love of the natural world following the vast urbanisation of the country and were often decorated with colourful gemstones to enhance their beauty and value. 

The piece has been fashioned in Silver and gilded in 18ct Gold. It’s a wonderful collector's item and in excellent condition. 

WEIGHT: 3.9 grams 

MEASURES: Length 23mm x Width 22mm x Depth 8mm 

METAL: Silver/ 18ct Gold gilt 

STONES: Paste, Pearl 

AGE: Victorian (Circa 1900) 

CONDITION: Excellent 

ITEM NUMBER: 20-1085