Antique Victorian Whitby Jet Silver Fern Pendant

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An exquisite antique Victorian Whitby jet pendant beautifully preserved from the mid 19th Century. The large black base is carved with deep grooves at the sides and features an engraved silver centre piece on top with an ornate border and a central fern motif. 

Whitby Jet became increasingly popular in the mid-1800s when black jewellery was brought into fashion by Queen Victoria who wore the pieces as part of her mourning attire.Ferns were also a fashionable motif during this time after a sudden craze for the plants spread across the nation in a fad known as “Pteridomania”, or “Fern mania”.  

It’s a highly collectable Victorian find, displaying beautiful workmanship that has a remained intact and in excellent condition across the centuries. 

WEIGHT: 32.2 grams

MEASURES: Height 73mm (98mm inc. loop) x Width 50mm x Depth 15mm

MATERIAL: Whitby Jet/ Silver

AGE: Victorian. (Circa 1860)

CONDITION: Excellent


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