Art Deco Jade Pendant With Diamond Snake

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A fabulous 1920s talisman pendant consisting of a long cylinder of jade with a silver snake coiled around its length lined with twinkling rose cut diamonds and rubies at the head.

Jade has long been revered in East Asia as a stone of legend and mysticism, that was believed to bring good fortune, and long life to those who possessed it. The coiled serpent is another significant symbol of eternity and long life in Asian cultures and is the sixth symbol of the Chinese zodiac.

The jade is polished and smooth with pale green colouring and darker green veins visible on the surface. It hangs from a large silver loop that is also ringed in diamonds, bringing the total to approx. 0.85ct. 

It’s a wonderful find, highly unique and in excellent condition. 

WEIGHT: 8.6 grams

MEASURES: Height 45mm (56mm inc. loop) x Width 7mm x Depth 7mm 

METAL: Silver 

STONES: Jade (45 x 7mm), Diamonds (Largest approx. 0.05ct - 0.85ct total) 

AGE: Art Deco. (Circa 1920 – 1930) 

CONDITION: Excellent 

ITEM NUMBER: 24-166 

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