The Art of Layering: Mastering the Cuff Bracelet Stack

The Art of Layering: Mastering the Cuff Bracelet Stack

Cuff bracelets are trending

Arm cuffs and bangles are trending in 2023. They’re a bold statement piece, most commonly modelled in silver or gold, and have been spotted in several runway shows and trend forecasts this Spring/Summer. According to British Vogue cuff bracelets will “really shine in 2023”.

Bangles and cuff bracelets seem to have dipped in and out of fashion ever since the Art Deco era and have most recently been seen this year on the Spring catwalks of designers Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Moschino.

Antique silver cuff bracelet being worn on the wrist with a white lace sleeve

What are cuff bangles?

Cuff bracelets are a type of bracelet that rests on the wrist with a small open area on the inside. They are worn on the wrist as opposed to the forearm. They are circular or oval and are typically inflexible, chunky and have a simple closure.

They have been fashionable accessories for thousands of years and can still be seen trending today. One of the main reasons for their popularity is their simplicity in design- they can so easily be attached to your arm and need little adjustment.

How do I wear a cuff?

Cuffs are a stress-free option for effortless style. Securing onto your arm, these accessories can elevate even the most minimal outfit. The name ‘cuff bracelet’ is derived from their fit- they were made to fit like a shirt cuff.

Antique silver cuff bangle with foliate details in multi-toned gold

Start by positioning your hand with your thumb facing upwards, exposing the narrow part of your wrist. Open the clasp and place the opening of the cuff a small distance from the end of your wrist. Gently rotate the cuff onto your wrist. Rotate the bracelet more so it lays flat on your wrist. Secure the clasp. To remove the cuff, simply reverse these steps.

The cuff should be a snug fit, but not too tight. Measure the circumference of your wrist so that you know your cuff will sit comfortably. A well-fitting piece of jewellery will be flattering, but an ill fit will do the opposite. A cuff that is too tight will make your wrists appear larger, and a cuff that is too loose will be impractical.

How do I style a cuff bangle?

Adjustable cuffs can be worn on the forearm while statement bangles can sit on the wrist for a more conventional look.

Cuffs can be layered and stacked on the arm, and why not mix metals too? The cool tone of silver is perfect for fun layering and is a style that is sure to grab attention. Whether you’re wanting to wear multiple cuffs to imitate armour, or one on each arm in a shirt cuff style, your attention to detail is sure to turn heads.

Trio of stacked silver antique cuff bracelets on the wrist

How do I look after a cuff bracelet?

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your cuff bracelets, it's essential to take proper care of them. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals, perfumes, or excessive moisture, as these can damage the metals or gemstones. Store them in a jewelry box or a soft pouch to protect them from scratches and tarnish. Regularly clean them with a soft cloth to maintain their shine and luster.

Buckle shaped bangle worn on the wrist

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