Waste Management and Recycling Policy

Waste Management and Recycling Policy

At Jewellery Addiction we are committed to ensuring that our offices follow the best possible environmental practises to ensure that we limit the amount of waste we produce and recycle wherever possible.

We strive to make use of reusable and recyclable materials wherever possible, with the overall goal being to phase out single use plastics and other environmentally unsound materials wherever it is practical to do so.

Specific Aims

All of our staff are expected to bear the following policies in mind and assist management in the execution of our overall environmental policy:

  • Be aware of waste management and minimisation guidance with a view to recycling and reusing materials whenever it is practical to do so.
  • Promote economy of materials, in particular by avoiding printing where possible and by adopting formatting which conserves paper.
  • Encourage the use of recycled and reclaimed materials from sustainable sources.
  • Favour suppliers who operate according to sound environmental principles.
  • Minimise waste by encouraging the exchange and reuse of equipment and materials between all areas of the business.
  • Implement any and all available recycling schemes available to the business, and adopt personal responsibility for recycling schemes that can be adopted on an individual level.

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