Vintage 9ct Gold Family Locket Circa 1958

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A lovely vintage locket from the mid 20th Century featuring beautiful chased stripes down the front and back with the initials “NV” in the centre. The locket opens at the front and back with a rotating section in the centre that allows four photographs to be inserted. 

The locket features two Shakespeare quotes from “Anthony and Cleopatra” which must have carried sentimental significance to the original owner. Around the outside it reads: “For this bounty, there was no winter in it”, and within: “He was past the size of dreaming” - Mac Vennis –  1896 - 1958”. 

A loving memorial message is also inscribed within and reads – “For Mother, In Our New Year, January 1958, in loving memory, from Philip”. 

It was clearly very dear to its original owner and deserves to be treasured once more. 

Weighs: 10.1 grams 

Measures: 25mm across x 34mm down 

Age: Circa 1950 - 1960 

Marks: 9ct stamp, Patent mark, Maker’s initials (M.W.&S) 

Condition: Excellent