Antique Georgian Fob Pendant 18ct Gold Carnelian Seal With Snake Coat Of Arms

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An exquisite antique Georgian fob pendant dating to the early 19th Century. It contains a deep orange carnelian seal at the base engraved with a Coat of Arms with depictions of flowers and coiled snakes, including one wrapping around a staff at the top. 

Snakes are a common emblem on a Coat of Arms and a symbol of wisdom or renewal. The depiction of a snake wrapping around a staff is known as the “Rod of Asclepius” referring to the Greek God of healing and medicine. The symbol is still seen today and represents good health and long life and is quite commonly used by those in the medical profession. 

Fob pendants were originally worn alongside a pocket watch and often featured an engraved intaglio seal underneath depicting an image, phrase, or monogram that was significant to the owner and could be stamped into sealing wax on important documents or even love letters to distant sweethearts. They’re highly collectable today and look wonderful on the end of a chain. 

The piece is all 18ct gold with open, curved bars that stretch from the base up to the loop at the top. It’s a wonderful collector’s piece that has remained in pristine condition over the centuries.  

WEIGHT: 13.2 grams

MEASURES: Height 38mm x Width 29mm x Depth 21mm – Seal 17 x 25mm

METAL: 18ct Gold (Tested)

STONES: Carnelian (17 x 25mm)     

AGE: Georgian. (Circa 1800 – 1830)

CONDITION: Excellent


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