Antique Georgian Garnet Pearl Mourning Brooch 18ct Circa 1800

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An exquisite antique Georgian mourning brooch featuring a display of plaited blonde hair preserved behind a glass window. A border of seed pearls and twelve deep red flat cut garnets frame the centre piece and are set in a close back 18ct gold gallery.

Mourning jewellery was worn in remembrance of a deceased loved one and sometimes contained a lock of their hair so that a piece of them was always kept close to the wearer. Seed pearls were also commonly used and represented tears.

It’s remained in excellent condition from the late 18th Century and deserves to be treasured once more.  

Weighs: 10.8 grams

Measures: 35mm x 30mm down

Age: Georgian. (Circa 1780 – 1800)

Condition: Good