Antique Victorian Bacchante Shell Cameo Brooch

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An exquisite antique Victorian Bullmouth shell Cameo Brooch made Circa 1860. The Cameo is a well-executed high relief carving depicting two dancing Bacchante who were followers of Bacchus, the Roman God of wine and festivity.  

Roman style Cameo’s were highly sought after in the 19th century during the 'Grand Tour' days when tourists developed a fascination with destinations such as Rome. They often depicted Goddesses and characters from mythology and became a favourite of Queen Victoria also. 

The Cameo is set in an ornately decorated gold metal frame with floral motifs etched around the border. It’s a wonderful work of art and complete with a strong pin and safety chain for added security when worn. 

WEIGHT: 18.9 grams

MEASURES: Width 47mm x Height 58mm x Depth 7mm 

CAMEO MEASURES: Width 39mm x Height 50mm 

AGE: Victorian, Circa 1860 

CONDITION: Excellent