Antique Victorian Bacchus Shell Cameo Brooch Pinchbeck Frame

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This exquisite antique brooch is set with a wonderful, high relief cameo hand carved from a bull mouth shell. It depicts the god of wine and fertility Bacchus who is seen here drinking from a wine cup, with a leopard pelt and long staff topped with a pinecone known as a thyrsus.

The cameo has been preserved from the mid Victorian era when Roman style Cameos were highly sought after. They often depicted Goddesses and characters from mythology and became a favourite of Queen Victoria also. 

It’s been framed in a twisted, pinchbeck frame depicting grapevines with engraved leaves at each compass point. It’s in excellent condition and a wonderful work of art.

Weighs: 21.8 grams

Measures: 2 ¼ inches across x 2 ½ inches down x depth 11mm

Age: Victorian. (Circa 1850 – 1870)

Condition: Excellent