Antique Victorian Bangle George IV Coin Sterling Silver Ivy Dated 1882

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This exquisite antique sterling silver bangle was made in the late 1800s and inset with a half-crown coin from the reign of George IV. In this case, the piece has been crafted in the Victorian era after the death of George IV to commemorate his reign.

The coin reads: “Georgius.IV.Dei.Gratia – George IV, by the Grace of God”. On the reverse of the coin a coloured enamel plate reads: “Britanniarum. Rex. Fidei. Defensor – King of the British Territories, Defender of the Faith”.

Ivy engravings are skillfully carved into the silver face and represent an unbreakable bond, as in the Victorian rhyme 'Close clings the ivy to the tree, so in my heart, I cling to thee.'

It’s held securely by a large box clasp and safety chain at the side and complete with Birmingham hallmarks within, dating it to 1882.

WEIGHT: 41.7 grams

MEASURES: Will fit a 6.5 inch wrist. Width 63mm x Height 33mm x Depth 6mm

METAL: Sterling Silver (Stamped)

AGE: Victorian, Dated 1882

MARKS: Birmingham Hallmarks, Sterling Lion passant

CONDITION: Excellent