Antique Victorian Bullmouth Shell Cameo Brooch Circa 1860

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This expertly carved antique Victorian Bullmouth Shell cameo depicts a child at prayer on the banks of a river. The carved cameo is surrounded by a rope-work border gallery fashioned in Silver and gilded in Yellow Gold. 

Cameos have been carved since ancient times and saw a revival during the Victorian era due to Queen Victoria’s fascination with the pieces. Bullmouth Shell was often used as a base for Cameos for its beautiful natural patterning which takes expert skill to carve.

This is a wonderful example of Victorian carving, and a fitting tribute to the skills of the jewellers of the age. 

WEIGHT: 10.9 grams

MEASURES: Height 39mm x Width 33mm x Depth 5mm

METAL: Silver gilded in Yellow Gold (Acid Tested)

AGE: Victorian, Circa 1860

ORIGIN: United Kingdom

CONDITION: Excellent