Antique Victorian Cameo Brooch Pinchbeck Gold Gilt

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An exquisite antique Victorian cameo brooch from the mid 19th Century featuring a high relief cameo in the centre fashioned from a bullmouth shell. It depicts the side profile of a Bacchante, a follower of the Roman God Bacchus who are often depicted with berries and Ivy leaves in their hair. 

Roman style Cameo’s were highly sought after in the 19th century during the 'Grand Tour' days when tourists developed a fascination with destinations such as Rome. They often depicted Goddesses and characters from mythology and became a favourite of Queen Victoria also.

The cameo is set in an elaborate gallery with curvaceous metalwork engraved with detailed patterns. It’s modelled entirely in pinchbeck and has been gilded in 18ct yellow gold. 

It’s a highly collectable piece of history and in excellent condition.  

Weighs: 14.2 grams

Measures: 58mm across x 37mm down

Cameo measures: 16mm across x 19mm down

Age: Victorian. (Circa 1860 – 1880)

Condition: Excellent – Some minor tarnishing