Antique Victorian Etruscan Turquoise Tassel Brooches 18ct Gold

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A curious antique Victorian Etruscan revival brooch from the mid 19th Century (Circa 1860) featuring a large dome of turquoise, expertly pave set around the outside and thirteen articulated golden tassels dangling below.   

Etruscan revival pieces were crafted in the mid 1800s when ancient Etruscan jewellery was unearthed in tombs outside of Rome beginning a fascination with the style and giving birth to these beautiful pieces which were crafted in the same decorative fashion.  

The piece has been crafted in 18ct and 15ct gold and features a long pin at the back. The safety lock clasp has been fitted over time to hold it more securely and a new loop has also been added at the top so it can be worn as a pendant as well. 

It’s certainly unique and is an exemplary piece of Etruscan revival jewellery, boasting excellent workmanship that is a testament to the original jeweller.

WEIGHT: 13.15 grams

MEASURES: Width 24mm x Height 57mm x Depth 12mm

METAL: 18ct/ 15ct Gold (Acid Tested)

STONES: Turquoise

AGE: Victorian. (Circa 1860 – 1880)

CONDITION: Good – Some evidence of repair work and a few crooked tassel tips but this is considerable given its age.