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Antique Victorian Forget Me Not Locket Silver Gold Gilt Dated 1880

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A sweet antique Victorian locket hallmarked and dated Birmingham, 1880. The octagonal face is decorated with beautiful, ornate patterning that surrounds a floral centre piece made up of high relief forget me nots and ivy.

Forget me nots were a popular motif in the Victorian era and symbolic of eternal love and remembrance. They were often paired with ivy leaves which similarly represented an unbreakable bond, as in the Victorian rhyme “Close clings the ivy to the tree, so in my heart I cling to thee”.  

The piece is modelled in sterling silver and gilded in a high carat yellow gold. It’s remained in pristine condition and is fitted with rims and windows within along with two photographs, possibly of a husband and wife, in traditional Victorian attire. 

WEIGHT: 17.3 grams 

MEASURES: Height 37mm (54mm inc. loop) x Width 28mm x Depth 6mm – Windows Width 26 x Height 36mm 

METAL: Sterling Silver/ Gold gilt 

AGE: Victorian. (Dated 1880)

MARKS: Birmingham hallmarks, Sterling lion mark, Maker’s mark (J.F.) 

CONDITION: Excellent 

ITEM NUMBER: 23-724 

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