Antique Victorian Lava Cameo Buckle 18ct Gold Frame Circa 1860

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An exquisite antique lave cameo from the mid Victorian era (circa 1860). The piece depicts a high-relief cameo portrait, hand carved from volcanic lava stone. 

In the early 19th century during the 'Grand Tour' days of the English aristocracy, tourists who visited archaeological ruins in Italy brought Lava stone home as souvenirs and had them made into fabulous jewellery pieces that were created depicting Gods, heroes and creatures from ancient mythology.  

The cameo displays wonderful workmanship from a true master of the art. It’s held securely in an ornate, 18ct gold frame that once belonged to a buckle but could be converted into a pendant or brooch as well.

It’s a rare antique find and a great collector's piece.

Weighs: 15.1 grams

Measures: 42mm down x 36mm across

Condition: Good