Antique Victorian Scottish Brooch Citrine Silver Circa 1860

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An exquisite antique Victorian Scottish brooch from the mid 19th Century set with four oval cut, amber citrines with carnelian and jasper stones decorated in between. 

Scottish jewellery grew in popularity in the mid- 1800s as Queen Victoria’s frequent trips to her Scottish Castle Balmoral saw her return with Scottish souvenirs and jewellery which influenced the trend in Britain. 

It’s modelled in solid silver with detailed engraving etched around the stones. It’s remained in excellent condition and is a great collector’s item. 

Weighs: 8.5 grams

Measures: 56mm across x 42mm down

Citrine measures: 6mm across x 9mm down

Age: Victorian. (Circa 1850 – 1870)

Condition: Excellent