Antique Victorian Scottish Buckle Brooch Agate Silver Circa 1860

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A colourful antique Victorian Scottish brooch depicting a belt and buckle. It's inlaid with nine pieces of natural agate, each with its own patterning and character.

Belt and Buckle motifs were popular in the Victorian era as their infinite loop and secure buckle symbolised eternal love and a strong unbreakable bond.

The silver border and buckle are expertly engraved, and the back of the piece is marked with the message ‘From R.P. to M.P.’ in flowing cursive script, a loving message that has stood the test of time.

It is a magnificent example of Victorian craftsmanship, and a truly beautiful piece to be treasured.

WEIGHT: 36.1 grams

MEASURES: Width 65mm x Height 60mm x Depth 9mm

METAL: Silver


AGE: Victorian, Circa 1860

MARKS: Engraved message – ’From R.P. to M.P.’

CONDITION: Excellent