Antique Victorian Whitby Jet Coral Cameo Pendant Circa 1870

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An exquisite antique Victorian cameo pendant made in the late 19th Century. The piece features a high-relief cameo carving, depicting the side profile of a woman. It displays intricate detailing and is carved from a piece of angel skin coral which is desired for its rarity and pale pink colouring.

Roman style Cameos were highly sought after in the 19th century during the 'Grand Tour' days when tourists developed a fascination with destinations such as Rome. They often depicted Goddesses and characters from mythology and became a favourite of Queen Victoria also. 

The cameo is framed in a smooth, Whitby jet base, fitted with a metal loop at the top. It’s a beautiful piece of history and highly collectable.

Weighs: 7.7 grams

Measures: 45mm length x 32mm width

Cameo measures: 12mm across x 16mm down

Condition: Some wear on the jet base and loop but otherwise in good condition for its age.