Antique Victorian Whitby Jet Floral Heart Pendant

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An exquisite antique Victorian whitby jet heart pendant from the mid 19th Century, featuring two fabulous flowers blossoming out of the front. It has been expertly cut and displays intricate high relief workmanship with an area set back in the centre to give the flowers a wonderful three-dimensional effect.

Whitby Jet is a type of brown coal, a fossilised wood from ancient trees. It was brought to the attention of the world by Queen Victoria who used Whitby Jet as part of her mourning attire.

A lovely pendant and a true work of art.

Weighs: 26.3 grams

Measures: 50mm across x 60mm down – 85mm with bale

Age: Victorian. (Circa 1850 – 1870)

Condition: Good, a couple of small faults on the back, but this is minimal wear for its age.