Antique Art Deco Suffragette Paste Lavaliere Necklace

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A fabulous Suffragette lavaliere necklace from the Art Deco period featuring a Y-shaped gallery and dropper set with an array of violet, green and white pastes cut in various shapes and sizes, simulating amethysts, peridots and diamonds.  

Together the colours of each stone pay tribute to the women’s Suffragette movement which took place in the early 20th century and symbolised; Violet for Loyalty, White for Purity and Green for Hope, or Give Women Votes!

The milgrain links are fashioned in silver and join a fine paperclip link chain, all gilded in yellow gold. It’s in excellent condition and displays a colourful selection of contrasting pastes.

WEIGHT: 15 grams  

MEASURES: Length 20 inches - Gallery 54mm down x 116mm across

METAL: Silver/ Gold gilt 

STONES: Paste  

AGE: Art Deco. (Circa 1920) 

CONDITION: Excellent, commensurate with age 

ITEM NUMBER: 20-1104